Novara: Digital Precision Coating

The Novara precision digital coating process is a breakthrough new manufacturing technology platform for on-demand digital coating of technical textiles. The technology delivers dramatic agility and flexibility advantages, manufacturing cost reductions and product innovation opportunities.  It enables a step-change in the sustainability of textile coating: delivering coating only where it’s needed. The non-contact digital coating applicator can apply one or two sided and coatings and can be patterned with a resolution up to 50 DPI (~500 micron feature size).  The digital on-demand process reduces minimum run lengths and enables rapid changeovers between functional chemistries to deliver ultimate flexibility in technical textile manufacture.

Novara Medical

The Novara precision digital coating technology is suitable for the application of medical coatings in safety-critical applications in regulated industries. The combination of non-contact coating with high application precision ensures optimal efficiency of coating delivery, reducing materials consumption and ensuring quality of the final product. Novara is uniquely suited to the delivery of high-value materials in technical textile applications where precision is required.  

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