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TopCon and IMDA Symposium

Alchemie Technology is launching the new 48PL digital precision coating head at TopCon and IMDA Symposium Jun 2-4

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Okchem: Endeavour

Technology Today: Endeavour

Alchemie Endeavour Waterless Smart Dyeing featured….

Endeavour – Launch Day!

Alchemie Endeavour Waterless Smart Dyeing Technology | LAUNCH DAY 10 APRIL 2019 |

Waterless Smart Dyeing Technology

Take a look at the Alchemie Endeavour launch video – waterless smart dyeing for on-demand digital dyeing of textiles

Textile World – Endeavour

Alchemie Endeavour Waterless Smart Dyeing featured in Textile World:

Is the textile industry ready for a revolution?

Alchemie is launching a new product in Shanghai next week – The Endeavour Waterless Smart Dyeing process. Is the textile industry ready for a revolution?

IMI Europe – InkJet Academy

Meet Alchemie at IMI Europe, where we are co-presenting the Ink Jet Academy next week

Endeavour Launch – China InterDye

Alchemie Technology is pleased to announce the launch of the Endeavour Waterless Smart Textile dyeing process – come and see us in Shanghai next week

Environmental Impact of Textile Waste

When you consider environmental pollution, you may immediately think about animal agriculture or the transportation industry. When you look at the clothes and accessories in your cupboard, you probably don’t associate them with greenhouse gas emissions, harmful freshwater depletion and large-scale environmental contamination  – but these are inherent problems with industry that still uses antiquated… read more

INPRINT Milan 2018

Looking forward to INPRINT Milan

INPRINT – Milan 2018

Meet us in Milan – 20-22 November InPrint – The leading exhibition for industrial print technology


Alchemie is delighted to announce the expected completion this month of, an innovative multifunctional printer device that gives a solution for blind and partially sighted people to accessvisual content at an affordable price in the home. It has been designed with a unique powder deposition system, dispersing a controlled amount of powder onto a… read more

Alchemie Technology Expands

Alchemie Technology expands to open an advanced high-tech digital development facility in Cambridge

IMI Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2018

Meet with Alan Hudd of Alchemie and Kevin Jackson of InPrint USA at IMI Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2018 on Sept 5-6 and Inkjet Technology for Industrial Print Course on Sept 7 in Chicago – Details at www.imiconf.comhashtag#inkjet hashtag#inkjetinks hashtag#industrialprint

Inkjet Academy – Barcelona

Inkjet Academy – Barcelona 17-18 September 2018 With 20 years of experience and success the Inkjet Academy is the ideal way to gain the fundamental knowledge and understanding of inkjet technology. The event is delivered by Dr Alan Hudd of Alchemie Technology and Mike Willis of Pivotal Resources, the founders of the Inkjet Academy.

IMI Inkjet Age of Materials conference in Chicago

Alchemie is presenting at IMI Inkjet Age of Materials conference in Chicago on September 5th

Printing for Fabrication 2018

Alchemie is presenting at Printing for Fabrication 2018 – come and see us in Dresden 23 – 27th September

Alchemie Technology expands to open an advanced high-tech digital development facility in Cambridge

As part of our ambitious growth plans, Alchemie Technology Ltd has opened a digital technology development facility in central Cambridge. The facility offers a mix of office and advanced, hi-tech laboratory space in the heart of the UK’s digital printing hub. The Cambridge digital development facility marks an important step in Alchemies’ strategic growth plans… read more

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Come and see us in Chicago to learn more about our waterless smart dyeing technology: Endeavour presented by Dr. Alan Hudd #waterlesssmartdyeing #endeavour #textiles #dyeing #climatechange #sustainable #fastfashion #climatecommitment #technology…

Meet us in Chicago at the iMi Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2019 and the iMi Inkjet Innovation Academy – 4th – 6th September 2019 - #inkjet #technology #materials #digital

RT: #waterlesssmartdyeing #endeavour #textiles #dyeing #climatechange #sustainable #fastfashion #climatecommitment #technology Why the fashion industry must get ahead of its massive pollution problem | Apparel Industry Comment | just-style… via @juststyle

RT: the recent #vougeaustralia article from @em_chan is such a relevant read - 5 ways the fashion industry can reduce carbon emissions #sustainablefashion #waterlesssmartdyeing #textiles #dyeing #climatechange #environment #fastfashion

RT: the latest #fastfashion article from @BBCNewsbeat is an important read & it's great to see @ZARA stepping towards #sustainablefashion BBC News - Fast fashion: Zara promises all its clothes will be sustainable by 2025… #textiles #climatechange

RT: Great article @guardian and so crucial to #climatechange when considering that textiles and clothing are the second largest polluting industry... #alchemietechnology #waterlesssmartdyeing #technology #textiles #dyeing #dyes #sustainability #sustainablefashion #fastfashion…

Traditional textile dyeing is polluting, costly and inflexible due to use of toxic chemicals, high water consumption, high energy consumption and huge waste generation. The time for change is now... #waterlesssmartdyeing #textiles #dyeing #climatechange

RT: We’ve given our #voicefortheplanet to call for a #newdealfornature. Nature is vital for our health, our livelihoods and our wellbeing. Let’s set the planet on a path to recovery by 2030. #naturematters #alchemietechnology #endeavour #climatechange

Endeavour delivers exceptional quality: the technology delivers outstanding results with high colour consistency and colour fastness. #waterlesssmartdyeing #wastewater #smart #Sustainability #sustainable #fabric #technology #dye #dyeing #ITMA2019 #ITMA #fastfashion #ClimateChange