Waterless Smart Dyeing

The Endeavour waterless smart dyeing process is a breakthrough new manufacturing technology platform for on-demand digital dyeing of textiles. The technology delivers dramatic manufacturing cost reductions and profitability benefits.  It also enables a step-change in the sustainability of textile dyeing: eliminating waste water emissions and reducing carbon footprint by over 80%. The digital on-demand process reduces minimum run lengths and enables rapid changeovers between colours and fabrics.


Exceptional quality levels can be achieved, delivering excellent colour consistency (<1% variation) and the potential for value-added chemistries to be applied. The technology is capable of precision colour matching and shade control and can be used with a wide range of fabrics. The Endeavour includes a fully automated colour lab sampling system to perfectly match a customised colour in a very short time making the Endeavour system a truly “end to end” high performance sustainable dyeing solution with ultimate performance.

  • More profitable production
  • Energy costs reduced by 80%
  • Elimination of waste water
  • Exceptional dyeing performance
  • High throughput on-demand digital dyeing


More Profitable Production

  • Lower cost production
  • Lower energy fixing
  • No waste water
  • Minimal dye losses
  • Automated: reduced labour costs


Energy costs reduced by 80%

  • Dramatic reduction in cost and energy requirement
  • Reduced carbon footprint, more environmentally sustainable process

Elimination of waste water

  • Waste water cost have increased 10x in recent years
  • Endeavour delivers a >30x reduction in water consumption
  • No wash-out dye losses (saving ~ 30% in dyestuff costs)


Exceptional Dyeing Performance

  • Colour consistency
  • Shades
  • Substrate flexibility
  • High fabric thicknesses
  • High density weave
  • Colour fastness achieved without washing


High throughput on-demand digital dyeing

  • Advanced fully digitally controlled manufacturing
  • High throughput per machine up to 100m/min
  • Instant digitally controlled changeovers
  • Highly automated: lower labour costs


Technical specification:


To Download the Endeavour data sheet please click the links below:

Endeavour Data Sheet – English

Endeavour Data Sheet – Chinese