Our technology unlocks the following key benefits:

  • Capability to customise and personalise at low cost
  • Creation of unique and differentiated new product structures based on digital data – from 2D to 2D+ to 3D
  • Placing the consumer at the centre of the product experience


Alchemie delivers digital manufacturing solutions based on several technology platforms designed for liquids and powders:

  • Jetronica
  • VibroJet
  • PowderJet
  • PiJet
  • Industrial inkjet


Jetronica for digital liquid deposition using a wide range of fluids

Jetronica delivers digital imaging using a wide variety of fluids via an array of hundreds of digitally controlled Piezoneedle™ dispensers in defined 2D and 2D+ patterns.

The system is designed for industrial use in demanding high throughput manufacturing lines.

We can provide motion systems and materials supply systems to enable convenient integration with production processes.

Please download our Jetronica data sheets below.


VibroJET delivers advanced imaging capability using powders

We utilise our Piezoneedle™ technology to accurately deposit microgram quantities of powder to digitally-defined locations

The technology is suitable for single layer 2D+ coating (e.g: Tactile printing) or multi-layer layer-by-layer deposition


PowderJET enables high accuracy deposition of digitally defined powder layers

Process involves deposition of precisely defined powder layer, enabling high resolution (up to 1200 dpi) application of a liquid fixation chemistry and removal of unbound powder

Suitable for single layer coating (e.g: ceramic tiles) or layer-by-layer deposition


PiJet directly writes stable, consolidated powder structures

The unique patented process involves the high velocity application of micronized powders. The energy dissipated in deposition provides sufficient binding to fabricate stable structures


Industrial Inkjet

We provide integration engineering to enable our technologies to be combined with conventional industrial ink jet technologies and can develop hybrid lines that leverage the high resolution of inkjet with the high throughput and broader materials accessible using Alchemie’s technologies.