Our technologies enable the digitalisation of new areas of the packaging production process.  From selectively applying adhesives for sealing, protective surface coatings and pre treatments including spot varnishes we are able to offer a digital solution for a variety of functional applications currently serviced by more traditional manufacturing techniques.  With our digital powder dispensing technologies we can apply high lustre metallic or mirror like finishes as well as speciality materials including mica and glitters.  In addition we can use powders to create tactile features digitally to add value to product designs.

Key features

  • Selective patterning of coating and powders
  • Minimal wastage as materials applied only where needed
  • Ability to dispense wide variety of difficult chemistries (UV, aqueous, solvent)
  • Coating and layer thickness can be optimised to minimise dry/cure times
  • Configurations to suit wide and narrow web single pass or scanning applications


  • Printing of tactile features
  • 3D or direct to shape printing
  • Decorative powders (metallics, glitters)
  • Selective application of protective or functional coatings