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Okchem: Endeavour


Technology Today: Endeavour

Alchemie Endeavour Waterless Smart Dyeing featured…. https://tech.einnews.com/article__detail/481463975-alchemie-endeavour-waterless-smart-dyeing-technology?vcode=XIbw

Endeavour – Launch Day!

Alchemie Endeavour Waterless Smart Dyeing Technology | LAUNCH DAY 10 APRIL 2019 | https://alchemietechnology.com/endeavour/

Waterless Smart Dyeing Technology

Take a look at the Alchemie Endeavour launch video – waterless smart dyeing for on-demand digital dyeing of textiles

Textile World – Endeavour

Alchemie Endeavour Waterless Smart Dyeing featured in Textile World: https://www.textileworld.com/textile-world/2019/04/alchemie-endeavour-waterless-smart-dyeing-technology/

Alchemie is launching a new product in Shanghai next week – The Endeavour Waterless Smart Dyeing process. Is the textile industry ready for a revolution? http://www.chinainterdye.com/

IMI Europe – InkJet Academy

Meet Alchemie at IMI Europe, where we are co-presenting the Ink Jet Academy next week https://imieurope.com/inkjetinkdevelopmentconference2019-introduction

Endeavour Launch – China InterDye

Alchemie Technology is pleased to announce the launch of the Endeavour Waterless Smart Textile dyeing process – come and see us in Shanghai next week

When you consider environmental pollution, you may immediately think about animal agriculture or the transportation industry. When you look at the clothes and accessories in your cupboard, you probably don’t associate them with greenhouse gas emissions, harmful freshwater depletion and large-scale environmental contamination  – but these are inherent problems with industry that still uses antiquated… read more